Friday, April 2, 2010

Cottage Cheese

We served cottage cheese for snack in my Kindergarten class last week. Who knew kindergartners would have such strong opinions about cottage cheese! Apparently, either you like cottage cheese a lot or you don't like it at all! After a lively discussion about just what cottage cheese is, one sweet little girl said in a very matter of fact voice, "Cottage cheese is just milk with bumps in it!" How's that for an explanation?!!


  1. That's cute. I'm one of those don't like cottage cheese people. Clif likes it. I think when I was younger I just didn't like the looks of it. Why I don't know. I always felt the same way about buttermilk. I didn't like it because it was sour. I love sweet.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  2. Haha! I can just hear it! Frankly, Jane, I needed the chuckle. How can a day of worship, friends, family and food be so draining??!? Have a beautiful day, friend!

  3. I like cottage cheese. I could eat a ton of it..........I just left a note on my blog answering your question. Now I feel I need to follow my advice to you and put the comment where you might see it. ....I would suggest she look at the book at a religious book store before buying it. She might really be into this type thing and then again---maybe not. I have spent years reading this type book and have lost my feel for what a young girl might like. She would need to like it or she wouldn't want to read it.

  4. There you go. You don't need anymore than that. I am not sure if it makes me more or less fond of cottage cheese. Hmmm.

    I am starting to find that not all brands are alike. You can only find that out the hard way, unfortunately.