Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Gift of Song

My daughter gave me a beautiful gift yesterday. It was not a material gift. No jewelry. No perfume. No clothing or books. This gift is more precious to me than any of those.

It was the gift of a song.

Not just any song.

I'll explain.

My daughter has been blessed with a lovely voice. To develop this gift, she has been taking voice lessons for almost a year. I am NEVER invited in to listen to her sing. Until yesterday. After her lesson she came running to the car and told me I just had to come in. I followed her into the voice studio and was informed by her teacher that I was to hear a private concert. Such a joy! I was thrilled to finally be invited into this special, almost sacred, place where my daughter spends so many happy moments doing something she loves: singing. I waited with anticipation to hear the song she has been perfecting. Her teacher played the introduction, and Jennifer began to sing.

And I began to cry. My sweet daughter did not know that I last heard this song at my father's memorial service. She did not know that it was one of his favorites. She only hoped that it might bring me joy! And it did. It's a beautiful song, and she did it beautifully in her young soprano voice. God blessed me with this song and her decision to sing it for me. It's a moment to remember when things are not going so well between this mother and her teenage daughter. And somewhere in heaven my father is smiling down on his granddaughter who gave her mother this gift of song and helped to ease her grief.


Dear Lord, kind Lord! Gracious Lord!
I pray Thou wilt look on all I love tenderly today!
Weed their hearts of weariness;
Scatter ev'ry care down a wake of angel wings winnowing the air.
Dear Lord, kind Lord! Gracious Lord!
I pray Thou wilt look on all I love tenderly today.
Bring unto the sorrowing all release from pain,
let the lips of laughter overflow again,
And with all the needy o divide, I pray
This vast treasure of content that is mine today!
Dear Lord, kind Lord! Gracious Lord!
I pray Thou wilt look on all I love tenderly today!

Lyrics: James Whitcomb Riley Music: Oley Speaks


  1. Jane, this is a tender, touching post. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I remember when Jennifer came into your life and home. I am grateful for you,David and Jennifer's Christian faith and your strong example of what a home should be. I have never heard this song. I love the words.

  2. beautiful post....amazing gift. Happy Mother's Day...Sarah

  3. This is such a wonderful post. It touched my heart. Yes, God blessed you with this song, and a kind and thoughtful daughter.
    God Bless,

  4. So many times at holidays, people fret over what to purchase as a gift. But little acts like this speak volumes as to the love one has for one another. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. What a beautiful gift Jennifer gave to you. I see gifts all around. She was a wonderful gift to you and David and the two of you were wonderful gifts to her. You are all gifts to your church and community. Thank you for the influence you have been in my life.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Oh what a wonderful precious gift for you from your daughter and from God!
    Happy Mother's Day!