Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dark Clouds

The last two years have been difficult for my family.   Sometimes it seems as if I have a little black cloud hovering over me!  I lost both of my parents.  I lost a job.  My husband has health issues and was unable to work for three months.  Medical bills have stacked up adding to financial stress.  I had one of the most difficult school years in my 30 years of teaching.  Sometimes God has seemed very far away! Okay, I'm done complaining!

We took a little day trip to southern Arizona a few weeks ago.  On the drive home, the sky turned gray and we anticipated a nice rainstorm.   Then the sun started to shine through the clouds.  It was beautiful!  The sun's rays shone through and the clouds were outlined in beautiful silver.  I was reminded of an old song that my Dad used to sing.  I could only remember two lines so I looked it up (isn't the internet grand?)

"Back of the Clouds"

Never fear tho' shadows dark around your path may fall;
Do not let your heart be troubled;
From His throne in heaven,
God is watching one and all,
He will ever care for you.

Back of the clouds the sun is always shining,
After the storms your skies will all be blue;
God has prepared a rosy-tinted lining,
Back of the clouds it's waiting to shine thru.
                                      Carolyn R. Freeman

God is not far away.  He has promised never to leave us or forsake us.  I choose to put my hope in Him, even when the way is dark.

"Why are you downcast, O my soul?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God."  Psalm 42:5


  1. Visiting from Spiritual Sunday; my, you have had a rough two years! When going through difficult times like this, I have learned to remember that God indeed is for me, not against me, and that he is in control; he knew this would be happening and nothing catches him by surprise so just to cling to him and his word and his promises and know he is there with me. I have had to visually see myself in God's hand or held like a lamb over Jesus' shoulders to get through some tough times, but God is faithful, he has always been there, for which I am grateful. Do continue to remember he is for you and not against you and he is walking right alongside with you!


  2. It's hard to remember our Lord is right with us in the dry brutal valley. But this is where we spend most of our lives, which compared to eternity is quite short. God allows us times of "mountain top" experiences that leave us refreshed and equipped to sustain our faith in the dry brutal valley. Thank you for sharing a personal testimony of God's faithfulness. God bless, Bobbi

  3. We all inevitably go through hard places -- but two years must seem endless. What a perfect song to remember in times like these.

  4. Sometimes the dark clouds of life seem so ominous and overwhelming. I love it when God gives us a glimpse of the other side of the cloud to remind us that He knows everything that is going on and He is still in control. I think we can all relate to the feelings you had. The words to the song are so helpful. How blessed you are to have had a father who sang songs like this. I don't remember my dad ever singing any song. He was a happy type person but said he just wasn't a singer. My mother loved to sing. I'm glad I inherited her love of singing.

    I'm glad you shared with us again, Jane. You and your family are such a blessing to so many.

    Prayers and blessings,