Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Read, Read, Read!!

"There's no end to the publishing of books..." (Eccleciastes 12:12a (MSG)

I love books!  I've loved them since I was a little girl sitting on my father's lap as he read Winnie the Pooh,  Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and Tom Sawyer, not to mention stories and poems from World Book Encyclopedia's Childcraft!  I got my first library card as soon as I was able to write my own name!   My dad took me to the Boise Public Library once a week until I was old enough to walk the 13 blocks by myself.  The library had a limit to the number of books you could check out at one time and I ALWAYS checked out the limit!  Reading was my life!

I love books!  I like the way they feel.  I like their colorful jackets. I like owning my own books!  Getting a new book to read really excites me!  I hope there's never a time when we don't have books!  You can have your Kindle and your Nook, I want a real book!

The last few years while I've been raising my daughter I haven't had as much time to read as I would have liked.  I'd start a book, set it aside (or misplace it!) and later begin another one!  Now that my daughter's away at school I find I have more free time to read!  With a daughter in college, there's not much money for books, but I still have a library card!  However, before I make a trip to the library to check out my limit of books, I decided I would finish reading some of those books that I started and never finished.  So today I rounded up 10 books to read this year.  Some of them were started so long ago that I'll probably need to re-read the beginnings!  Here's my list:

  1. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
  2. Crazy Love - Francis Chan
  3. Radical Gratitude - Ellen Vaughn
  4. With My Whole Heart - Karen Mains
  5. The Story of the World Volume 1:  Ancient Times - Susan Wise Bauer
  6. A Life that Says Welcome - Karen Ehman
  7. Soul Keeping - Howard Baker
  8. Enjoying the Presence of God - Jan Johnson
  9. A Gardener Looks at the Fruits of the Spirit - Phillip Keller
  10. One Month to Live -Kerry and Chris Shook
So, good-by for now!  I'm off to read Little Women!  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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